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Disabled American Veterans
Disabled American Veterans:

DAV, one of America’s largest, most effective veterans service organizations, has more than 1,300 local chapters and a cadre of nearly 300 trained professionals who work every day to help veterans get the support they need and deserve, and DAV does it at no cost to the veteran or their family.

DAV provides free services to veterans through a nationwide network of:

  • More than 100 National Service Offices
  • 275 National Service Officers
  • 34 Transition Service Officers
  • 52 state-level Departments
  • More than 1,300 local DAV Chapters
  • Assists with more than 330,000 claims each year.

For more information about DAV, visit www.DAV.org.

Current Campaigns:
More Victories for Veterans
More Victories for Veterans
DAV Victory 2017
DAV Victory 2017
Past Campaigns:
DAV 2014
DAV 2014
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DAV 2014 DAV 2014

Far too many American veterans are being left to fend for themselves. A new PSA by DAV (Disabled American Veterans) features veterans urging us to do “Whatever it Takes” to make sure America’s 22 million veterans get the benefits they have earned.

America made a promise to every one of these veterans; a promise that they would have the opportunity to succeed in civilian life when their tour of duty ended. They were promised a range of benefits, including healthcare, disability benefits and educational and vocational benefits.

“Whatever it Takes” features veterans—some with clear, physical disabilities, all changed by serving during time of war—stating their commitment to their brothers and sisters who also served, urging all of us to fulfill America’s promise to veterans by joining with DAV.

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